Vortex Tools

Surface and Downhole Oil & Gas Optimization Tools

Vortex Tools, LLC (Vortex) has developed a patented series of surface and downhole tools to help extend the flowing life, efficiency and productivity of oil and gas wells.

The Vortex surface (SX) tools set up a stable spiraling flow that keeps liquids from dropping out, prevents freezing, reduces pressures and mitigates paraffin build-up. Key applications include increased natural gas liquid (NGL) recovery, replacing pigging/drip systems, paraffin mitigation, replacing vapor recovery units (VRUs) and reducing the time to get oil and gas to sales (instead of flare) on new well flowbacks.

The Vortex downhole (DX) tools enable wells to flow below the critical rate (often down to 75% of critical) as well as lowering the bottom hole pressures and reducing surfactant use by up to 50%. Key applications include wireline retrievable intervention on marginal and declining wells, keeping coal bed methane wells free-flowing, and clearing out liquids from horizontal and vertical installations.

With no moving parts, all Vortex tools are virtually maintenance free.

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Case studies, White Papers and other engineer papers on the Vortex tools are available under Technical Reports.

Brochures, the promotional video and other marketing materials on the Vortex tools are available under Media.

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